To Correctly Prepare and send your material for Mixing & Mastering Please CAREFULLY follow ALL of the directions below.

Please note: If you fail to follow the directions step by step it may result in you having to re-send your material correctly and your delivery time being pushed back.

1​. Start by making  a new folder on your desktop. Name the folder your Artist Name. Inside that folder create another folder with the Song Title. Now inside that folder (the song title) create two more folders, one with “Song title (Stems)” and the other “Song Title (Reference)”. The folder should look like the picture below. (ONCE THIS IS DONE RIGHT CLICK AND "COMPRESS TO ZIP"[WIN]/"COMPRESS"[MAC] TO UPLOAD.)


How To Create Stems:

(All Programs)

3. Make sure if you have any special requests (EX. deep reverb on guitar, no reverb on vocals, 8th note delay on dubs, beat drop on last bar of hook, Deep Voice on "finish im", Etc.) Add a note document in the folder you are sending with your requests so we can make sure your mix sounds how you want! 

Tips for better mixes

Get the track outs to the instrumentals you are using if possible.

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