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What is
What is

Why Choose Us?


With over 9 years of professional audio engineer work and after working with over 300+ artists I work hard to keep your sound 100% professional and YOURS.   We are here to give artists that industry sound for a great price! 


I understand the success of your music relies on the quality so we everything we can to keep your music at industry standards!

We both know part of being an artist means having deadlines and such so I make sure if you have a certain deadline we make sure its to you within 24-48 hours of your deadline. (Look into rush delivery options.)

High Quality

I work with state of the art recording equipment and  plug-ins. I am running Protools 12 HD with over 12 different analog compressors/Eq/Pre-Amps. 

Record right into your interface at home? Thats fine, we can send your vocals/instruments through any piece of outboard gear we have to give it that full sound before it even reaches ProTools.

The time you will receive your first mix for review after payment depends on our current work schedule.

 Please see the boxes below for the current turnaround time. (In the event of an emergency, the turnaround time may be extended after purchase) Rush Delivery may or may not be available (see below)

Turn around time:

Mix Examples:

Below are songs that have been mixed by Dynasty Beats over the past 2 years. Take a listen.

Not sure of what mix & master you need?

Look below at the mixing & mastering chart to help you decide which mix & master you need for your song.

Still unsure? Shoot me a email and we will get it figured out  together!

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